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Wallpaper types

The most widespread wallpaper types  

1. Wallpaper on paper base

Wallpaper on paper base is produced as smooth and relief, with design, plain and for painting. This is a cheapest type, but also most long-lived, ecological pure, but not enough stable to mechanic influences, it fades in the direct sun rays, is not washable. Wallpaper on paper base is to be pasted simple on a wall, and a wall is simple to be prepared for pasting. By a need of frequent change of interior with minimal costs this type of wallpaper makes a great alternative to other types.
Wallpaper on paper base is used in rooms with a small grade of dirtying and humidity, such as bedrooms, child rooms, studies, sitting-rooms, drawing-rooms.
Wallpaper on paper base is subdivided into two types: «Simplex» with one layer of paper base and «Duplex» consisting of two layers pasted together during wallpaper producing. A design is printed on the top layer preliminarily.
«A two layers simplex» is printed on more dense two layer paper. (Please don’t mix up it with «duplex»). The layers of paper are not pasted together and a design is printed on the two layers paper.

2. Non woven wallpaper

All non woven wallpaper represent paper baсked or non woven baсked with a vinyl coating with different density, which makes wallpaper strong and moisture resistant.
Dense and elastic vinyl wallpaper is washable and easy to brush, doesn’t fade in sun (can decorate a wall well during about ten years). This type of wallpaper is used in rooms with extremely hygienic requirements like dining-rooms, kitchens, lavatories and bathrooms, entrance rooms. On the wallpaper of European manufacture there is an ecological safe symbol often to see (for every country its own). It means that the wallpaper doesn’t educe any dangerous matters and has micro pores, which let walls «breath». It means it could be used in every inhabited room. There are three main categories to be marked out. They differ one from the other in producing way, density, opinion and cost. A foamed vinyl makes rather thick wallpaper. The outside surface has a very marked relief. It is made by putting vinyl mass on a paper or non woven base with stenciled typing and processing of the half-finished product with high temperature in a special oven. The filler of the vinyl mass evaporates and pores form (it means vinyl «foams»).
A plane vinyl has vinyl paper as a base for its producing. The vinyl paper represents a paper with an uniform vinyl layer. Then an addition technological procedure, hot embossing, is used. One type of plane vinyl wallpaper is the so called heavy vinyl. A dense vinyl the so called «kitchen» has a vinyl paper as a base. The design is printed on vinyl layer and some special substances «inhibitors» (substances for foaming prevention) are put on. The half-product goes to the oven, where the vinyl layer increases uniformly excluding the places with inhibitors are put on.